Sunday, February 3, 2008

Church Membership, Hooray!

Today I took pictures and hugged my daughter after she gave her testimony and was accepted into membership at the church.

Today was my last Sunday.

There are just too many levels of irony for me to say another word on this subject at the moment.

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ELDER said...

I somehow feel I need to apologize for not finding this site prior to now. Your religious evolution may become a spiritual journey soon. Interpretation of scriptures become very humanistic (free willed)without a prayerful approach. Yes God will answer prayer and the answer is NO many times. We must be OCCUPYING or working towards our desired goals. We must first come to grips with the fact that we were made by and for God and that this, is a training ground for eternity...whether we like it or not. God is interested more in our lives becoming more holy than happy and blissful. We ask for things that are harmful to us and others. GOD WANTS US TO ASK HIM IN FAITH THAT HE WILL DO WHAT IS BEST FOR US AS WE WORK AND WALK IN FAITH. I applaud you as you loose your religion and find a way of life filled spiritually with a search for faith and hope.